Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Five (5) Things. Wednesday 20 February

  1. Am extravagantly rude to downstairs neighbour, who I dislike. Spend some time wondering if I regret it (sinking to his level, future relationship, wall we both need to pay for, etc), and realise, no, I do not regret it one jot, for he is a cock and the broken wall is bigger than the both of us.
  2. Wash Parka. Parka comes out of tumbler-dryer (as I wish it were called) and the zip has fallen off, plus the hoodhair (raccoon I think - washing rat, as it is known in French Canada) has gone stiff round the edge. It is no good to me anymore, but it is too late in the winter to justify another one, so I am going around in an old one that is tight looking like a fat centipede with all his legs tucked in (apart from the 2 back ones he is walking on).
  3. Conversation with a man who does not blink for 43 minutes. Can't work out why he is so strange, then realise he has an MBA. 
  4. Wonder out loud when House of Throne Cards is on.
  5. Tell someone I have been to 'the Two Brothers supermarket'. It is actually called the 'Four Brothers Supermarket'. 
  6. Read a lot about British supermarkets. Feel like I am there. Talk a lot about Britain with some Canadians (for my job) and then think about it a lot for the rest of the day, i.e. do we want to live there or not. Sometimes I feel like this, then I think about how it's nearly Spring in the England now, and in the Canada there is still snowstorms and even when it melts, the papers and telly will still be rubbish.


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Nellig said...

I'm loving this "5 things" thing".

BTW about the yookay, in my experience the one thing that makes it tolerable is the jokes. Anyone may be joked at, and is expected to be on the alert for jokes the whole time. A casual interaction with a complete stranger can be transformed into a thing of beauty by the spontaneous cracking of a really good joke. Even crap jokes help. Apart from that, there is little to recommend life in these isles, now that you can read the papers online anywhere. TV is also crap here now, and we all have to watch DVDs, or read, or do hobbies or have conversations or something. It's exhausting.

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