Sunday, February 17, 2013

Five (5) Things. Sunday 17th February

  1. I like "Real Housewives" programmes a lot. I am confused, though, about the surgery. If you look at Beverley Hills housewives, their facial 'attentions' are relatively subtle. If you look at the Vancouver ladies, you wonder if they have eyes in their heads. Their faces are still, so still and glossy, and their little puffy mouths move in the stillness. They surely do not watch back the episodes of "Real Housewives" that they are in, for if they did, they would notice it - unless they are all blind. 
  2. Taking of Vancouver, watched a programme in which some people from Vancouver were preparing to take up a job offer in the Isle of Man. The programme was about moving houses. I watched a bit of it (for nothing is funnier than watching North Americans looking at British style houses - "is that the walk-in closet?" when looking at the withdrawing room, for e.g.), but it seemed inconclusive and they moved into a house with a stiff window.
  3. Talking of Vancouver (again), I went there last year for a bit. All the people say 'thank you' to the bus drivers. It rains a lot. The setting is strange, when you can see it (when it's not raining), for there are mountains at the end of the road. I saw an old friend who I could have talked to all night, and rented an apartment from a tiny English man in a polyester mix suit who had "a position in an IT business".  I wasn't sure about it at all, but we got drunk at the Christmas fair and ate a huge sausage in an arm-length roll.
  4. Listened to 1984 on the radio on the train (on my Apple Macintosh "Walkman") and shrieked when Winston and Julia got caught 'at it'. All the people on the train looked at me. I was not ashamed. 
  5. Had a nice scone with oats it for breakfast and a bit of bread with hazelnuts and cranberries in it. I think the scone was from the man out of the Guardian. The other one is a recipe by Sybil Kapoor, who is a genius, and who wrote a book for the National Trust called Simply Baking.  This is a book that is owned by everyone who shops in Waitrose a lot.  People who own dogs index at 189 against it.  Do not ask me how they work out Indexes. I have never understood it. 
  6. Finally (6), here is a product that allows you to have a nice little sleep at your desk undetected and undisturbed. Where this product has been all my life I couldn't tell you, but no matter - it is here, and I shall use it.  Nighty night ! (Or not!)


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Ellie said...

I tried to go to Vancouver once. My Man made the hotel booking on Priceline (or whatever .com at the time let you make cheap hotel bookings). Turns out he didn't check which Vancouver he had booked. It was the wrong once (in WA), so we decided to skip it and stayed with family near Gig Harbour.

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