Thursday, February 21, 2013

Five (5) Things, Thursday 21 February

  1. Americans who clap themselves. Why?
  2. Extreme Home Makeover. Mawkish drivel run by a man with hair product. In it, people run and clap at the same time and everyone does high-fives. I hate it, and yet it makes me cry. Sometimes the people go 'WOOOOO' and every 12th word is 'community'. Then everyone hugs each other.
  3. Accidental biscuits. The last box of Dorset Cereals Muesli in the Four Brothers shop of a type I cannot remember, but it was not eat-able as a cereal because it was 80% nuts and dried fruits inc. dates. I made Australian biscuit things out them off their website but: olive oil instead of butter, 2/3 of the sugar, maple syrup instead of treacle, chopped up crystallised ginger, self raising flour instead of plain flour and fuck me if they weren't delicious.  The odd thing is that despite their pretty packaging and claims to be 'green' (yawn) etc etc I am not really that interested in Dorset Cereals and I am not any more likely to buy their product again (the porridge in a pouch stuff is vile) but this time it was good. 
  4. If Cadbury dropped a bubbly bar on my head attached to a parachute, however, I'd snap it up.
  5. I just don't understand why I haven't got a dog. It doesn't make any sense. 



puncturedbicycle said...

I am also not fond of the Dorset Cereals. It's like eating sticks and rocks with hard bits of sweet paste.

Monkeymother said...

That clapping thing - happens here now. On a talk show couch, on a quiz show, they are all clapping themselves - winners and losers.

It's not right.

InvisibleWoman said...

Yes, Dorset cereals - like eating gravel, but makes excellent muesli bread.

asta said...

What makes the Extreme Home shows even worse is that more than a few of the families have been left with a house they can't afford to own, and so specialized that almost nobody wants to buy. Very sad.

Ellie said...


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