Thursday, April 15, 2010

I celebrate Friday (or nearly/thereabouts) with a number of new cinematographic pieces

To celebrate the international release of my surprisingly original new URL (, I have developed for you, my loyal and adoring readers and fans, some new items of cinematic genius inspired by evil Special K and her equally evil link.

Warning: What is to follow is what happens when you are literally non-working and spending more time than would normally be advisable in rural Quebec without a car. But do not get me wrong - this is not a bad situation! It is anything but: it is a situation that is conducive to creativity, i.e. allows me to spend up to and including an hour a day putting titles on clips from old Bollywood films. Result!!

Pip pip!



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Doctor Uncle

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Special K said...

ha ha! Brilliant! My favorite was the "dancefloor" too!

punxxi said...

Yep, dance floor, very closely followed by dr. uncle....were you successful in de-lifing Sting?

Baron d'Ormesan said...

Very excellent: a new cinematic trilogy that surpasses the Apu films. But in the doctor film shouldn't it be "a pipe-smoking monkey" and not "a monkey smoking pipe"? (Unless of course the pipe is also a killer robot.)

Zoe said...

Love it. Love the dancing the most.

Lord Philth said...

Very funny. Love the reference to Sting (who's a cunt in no uncertain terms). Just the thing to brighten up an otherwise dull and rainy Friday. Plus the dog's just come back from the garden after having a poo,


CORRECT, dear Baron - I will be correcting it later this morning, i.e. re-shooting, editing, post-production etc etc. Keep your eyes peeled, dear man

Megan said...

Please - where may one purchase the soundtrack? I would like to play it for my co-workers. Repeatedly. And Loudly.

Also, is there a local boutique that carries bedazzled white jumpsuits? I have a meeting next week that is semi-formal and I think that is just the thing.

Also, also - it occurs to me that perhaps you should produce a line of fine goods for those who have not yet achieved non-working status?

La Devaltiere said...

Monkey president!

Icy Mt. said...

See, it hasn't been a week and we've got Sting insults wrapped in diabolically captioned Bollywood films. Brilliant. I love it when you're non-working.

@Baron: I'm afraid when you out-source the subtitling to the subcontinent things can get lost in translation. It's the price we must pay for Her Royal Non-Workingmonkeyness.

WrathofDawn said...

Simply stellar! I give you seven out of five stars.

Particularly loved the slipping in of the Sting torture reference. He is an ass.

Beleaguered Squirrel said...

I like these, they are funny. The "dancefloor" one is just an empty black square though. I am sad.


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