Saturday, January 25, 2020

Computer science

I say, what a time it's been. This blog - repository of exquisitely honed observations about SOCIETY and the individuals (inc. dogs) within it, cooking experiments, opinions about work etc - briefly vanished. Malware? Phishing? Who knows. To make it visible again I had to get down and dirty (not at the same time) with Ashkar (GoDaddy) and Adam (Google Platinum Member):

Me: Help, no worky, no worky, help me
Them: Computer thing computer thing
Me: Aaaaaargh
Them: DNS??????
Me: I have heard of this thing of which you speak. I am at the forefront of computer science.
Them: Computer thing computer thing coding?? Computer thing computer thing
Me: No comprende
Them: IP? Pointy Pointy?
Me: YES!! (Thinks: anoint my head, anointy nointy)
Them: DNS, IP, pointy pointy, copy paste....
Me: ...that bit? ...
Them: ...NO by all that is holy DO NOT TOUCH THAT!!!
Me: OK this bit?
Them: Yes yes that bit SLOWLY NOW
Me: Like that
Them: YES congratulations
Me: I wonder what happened
Them: Computer thing computer thing computer thing
Me: Oh yes I see anyway it is working now Thank you Ashkar (GoDaddy) and Adam (Google Platinum Member)

The NET RESULT of this is that I am now back.  Subjects on my mind include batch cooking and 'sheet pan meals' (barf), but before I do a whole post on said subjects let me know if you are interested in knowing about anything else, including:

  1. Exploding Christmas Tooth
  2. Weeping Because An Essay Was Too Hard
  3. Alan The Dog
  4. The Vicar Who Said Father Christmas Was Not In The Bible
  5. Shenanigans At The Pub
  6. Marmalade
  7. That Programme on ITV With People Dressed Up As Massive Singing Lizards and Trees
  8. Mature Student Latest

Pip pip!



T. said...

I'd like to know about everything except ITV please, since as a proud member of your international readership I have no idea of which lizards you speak. (Yay, you're back!)

Unknown said...

Nos. 2, 5 & 8, please. Then All The Rest :-)

katie said...

Hurrah! You are back! I would like to know about #4, and also the rest of the country dog owners.

Z said...

Mine vanished about a year ago which, at least, had people emailing me to enquire about my welfare. The only difference between my conversation and yours was that I pleaded old age and ignorance and Them did the necessary whatevers themselves.

Sheet pan meals sounds rather like that what3words app.

Bytowner said...

well, it is good that you are back and your blog not lost in the ether.
Marmalade please.


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