Tuesday, October 20, 2015

List Of Things To Do Before Moving

  1. Give giant pot to translator
  2. Unlock phone I finished paying for in May 2014
  3. Give unlocked phone (iPhone 4) to husband
  4. Explain to husband how a 'smartphone' works
  5. Check exchange rate
  6. Cry
  7. Find tax accountant and financial advisor, pref. called 'Alan' or 'Bryan'
  8. Plan leaving party. Order gin and sausages
  9. Empty cupboard x 5
  10. Empty chest of drawers x 3
  11. Listen to Tutti Frutti by New Order 14 times in a row while folding socks
  12. Remember have promised husband and Moving Man Robin that will reduce books by c. 25%
  13. Stare at Ulysses, Clarissa and In Parenthesis and remind self again how much loathe them
  14. Keep them anyway 
  15. Reduce books by 10% but tell husband is 20% and say IS BOOKS glaring and tutting
  16. Celebrate 46th birthday and note that a) still as fat as ever; b) next stop 50
  17. Look for houses "within 3 miles of" Royston with room for chairlift
  18. Go through photos. Throw away pics of places or people I cannot name. Reduce pics by 90%
  19. Go through emails/letters, 2000-2006. Throw away ones that remind self of poor taste in men
  20. Go through emails/letters that remind self that took self too seriously. Reduce pile by 100%
  21. Count cake tins. Reduce from c. 18 to 4
  22. Count vegetable peelers. Reduce from c. 5 to 1
  23. Sit on floor reading Nancy Mitford on top of emptied contents of filing cabinet & desk
  24. Check date of flight (7th November) seven times, but tell everyone is 8th November
  25. Eat cookies made for husband straight from freezer while folding pants
  26. Pick crumbs out of ladyparts.

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