Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 Things. 19th March

  1. Have no 'staying power' & am no good at doing anything for long* (for e.g. cannot keep up just writing 5 things down every day) because forget or get bored or bore myself.
  2. Find self quite uninteresting, which is not to say I think I am boring (not my decision to make anyway).  Do not want to sit around wondering what people think of me, what I think of myself, my inner workings motivations etc etc etc as frankly there are other things to think about, e.g. why O why are there only 8 series of 'Entourage', why is Ari Gold in a beard on ITV on Sunday nights and when Ari Gold is on ITV on Sunday nights, where are Johnny Drama, Turtle, Vince, E, etc? Apparently there's a film coming, that's good, don't think Adrian Grenier will be a better actor but Ari Gold will be in it.
  3. Have not been writing 5 things, birthday cards, cleaning house etc as have been watching 'Entourage' since 18 February.
  4. Always with the snow. I mean really it has been "at it" all day long. Is always the same. It heats up (i.e. -1) for a week and all the East Coast Canadians scream (nothing on West coast, only rain and people saying 'thank you' on busses), and run around in bikinis then the clouds come again and you wake up in the morning and it's 7am and you think, that's odd, why's it still dark and why is there no noise anywhere, and you look out of the window and it's 3ft deep and January again. Meanwhile, on the Archers, spring has sprung and Tom Archer is still talking about his ready meals and Pat and Tony are still talking about their fucking 'organic brand'. Everyone on the Archers has to stop talking about 'marketing strategy' etc. I am losing my mind.
  5. Found a rug in the cellar that I like that has been eaten by Canadian moths. Will wash it & put it out and say Yes it is an Antique from PERSIA 14th century I think & see if anyone can tell. Maybe they will think, she is from Europe everything is old there, crusted in dust.
* Apart from watching 'Entourage'


Linda said...

I grew up in Toronto and have always said "thank you" to bus drivers.

I missed the boat on Entourage when it was first airing. Perhaps I should catch up? (I admit, it was likely the presence of Adrian Grenier that put me off. I've never found him good or appealing in anything else I've seen him in.)

Bytowner said...

1. Thank God you have posted your 5 things today as everything else has been disappointing and non-amusing.
2. I say thank you to the bus driver. Is there a problem with this?
3. It is snowing here too in lovely Bytown. But the light is a bit stronger than it would be in January. It is not getting to me so far, after all spring will be here within 6 weeks FOR SURE! Irving Layton wrote about the season as experienced in Montreal "spring comes like a post-mortem' which does describe the emergence of dog crap and abandoned shopping carts from the melting snow in a grey central Canadian spring. So we have that to look forward to.
4. How can I watch the British Scandinavian show with crime and the woman in the sweaters? TV is crap here. All 1685 channels.
5. No wonder you took a break from the 5 things- this is exhausting!

Ellie said...

Don't browbeat yourself.

I just wanted to use the verb 'browbeat'.

I for one and happy to read about your snowed under 5 things and absolutely ancient (must be worth a load!) Persian rug.

Dr F said...

I sympathise with your gnawed rug. Moths ate our only carpet last year and they are trying to eat the felt bits inside the piano. Moths are evil.


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