Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I am full of wonder

Every single bloody flake is different. Madness.

Invisible gasses
I can't see oxygen (for example),  but it is keeping me alive - AND it dissolves. I don't get it.

The eternal: why?

The Placebo Effect
Your brain is tricked into producing the same effect that a drug would have, but without the drug. HOW?

I don't care how many times it is explained, I still don't get how they work.  I find it amazing.

The subconscious
Apparently not everyone believes it exists - especially not Ladies and Men of Science. I find this very strange indeed, like finding out that noses are not generally accepted to exist.  

Foals, lambs etc walking within 3 seconds of coming out
Massive win vs. human babies.

Dogs and/or cats that travel thousands of miles to find their owner using only their noses
Incroyable - mais vrai.

This song:


Megan said...

My world is a richer place knowing that song exists. Not listening to it, no no no, but knowing that it is out there.

johnnyboy said...

Personally I don't find the invisibility of gases nearly as dumbfounding as the continued succes of Sting.


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