Monday, October 06, 2008

I Get A New Job

It is ace. It is in Japan and I am really happy about it.


Special K said...

That makes me feel really, really sad.

Megan said...

Dude. You work for soya beans? You need to seriously re-think your compensation plan.

Also I really truly hope that monkey spits in the drinks at every opportunity.

Welsh Girl said...

So are you just going to commute there across the bering straights? Possibly, with a team of huskis?

Totty Teabag said...

I hope the Monkey Nut/Soy Bean exchange rate is advantageous in the present financial climate.

punxxi said...

what does the self hair cutter think of all this?

WrathofDawn said...

I don't know. If you commute from Montreal to Japan via the Bering Strait it might make you just a little late for work. Also, Huskies are not the best swimmers. How DO you plan to get back and forth?

These are the kind of details your employer will want worked out in advance, young lady.


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