Sunday, February 11, 2007

Day 215: I Want Wet Pets

"Have you seen the thing with the chinchillas?", asked my brother.

"No", I squeaked, "I have NOT! What is this thing of which you speak?"

My brother's girlfriend stuck her hand next to some blueberry pie so we could get a sense of scale. I took a photograph. It looked like this, except much bigger. Like it had been cooked in a pie dish made for a pie big enough to feed twenty, then cut into only six slices, of which we had one.

"I sent it last week", he drawled. "EXPLAIN IT, damn you!", I bellowed, ruffling his hair. "I CAN'T", he mumbled, sucking on his wine and straightening his fringe, "I can't. No-one could describe it, not really."

I found it when I got home. True enough; I couldn't describe it even if I tried for one hundred million years. And there's no point you trying either. Just watch it.


Anonymous said...

Does the fact that the ginormous pie was made with blueberries, make it the healthy option? Or does the whipped cream neutralise the antioxidants? I think we should be told.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, I've been to San Pablo before. Unfortunately I didn't notice the Wet Pet center, probably because I was too busy avoiding gunshots.

Anonymous said...

Do you think they actually get customers? Their music is hard to forget-like "It's a Small World" which repeats itself over and over in your mind after visiting Disneyland.
MM-whipped cream is dairy and has protein in it-therefore must be healthy.

Anonymous said...

Oh Martina, are you the little girl that the elves stole from me, all those years ago?

Anonymous said...

MM-how did you know?

apprentice said...

I think they are the future, with global warming we'll all need wet pets, to match our wet pants, as the tumble dryer is the ruination of the planet by all accounts.

I once made a gay man in a New Orleans cafe pee his pants with my pronounciation of pecan. I learned to my cost that it's Paycon. What no soya option?


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