Saturday, July 04, 2015

Important Information For My Adoring Readers And/Or Fans

"Where is your blog?", people sometimes say.  "I used to find out what you were doing by reading your stupid website", say others, tears filling their adoring eyes, "but now I know nothing of your life."  "Why, NWM? Why?", bellow the others.  "WHERE ARE YOU?".

"Listen up, kittycats", I reply, doing some fancy footwork with my tiny monkey feet as Music Sounds Better With You plays inside my monkey brain.   "I've been in Canada for nearly eight years.   I've tried to find things to write about, but it's all so very nice and so very reasonable that nothing ever happens (apart from accidentally insulting Bryan Adams*). But all that is going to change."

Yes. Change is afoot. I am going to tell you all you need to know. And all you need to know is that I (accompanied by a veterinary research histopathologist - who thankfully no longer cuts his own hair), am moving back to EUROPE, possibly Blighty, possibly La France, and that means that there is a HIGH CHANCE that things of interest will start happening again, and therefore a HIGH CHANCE that there may be things to write about again.

Yes. It is true. Come "the fall" (or "autumn", as it will once again be correctly known),  we will be gone from the Canada.  I will not spend much time explaining why we are leaving, other than to say that in my view Canada is a very honourable, large and beautiful place, with values that (on the whole) I deeply admire and respect.   But it does not contain much of what I - sofa-bound lily-livered Londoner that I am - like the best, and what I like the best (apart from my husband) are my friends and family, drizzle, temperate weather, old buildings,  patchy public transport susceptible to minor variations in weather, a 2 hour drive being "a really long way", and Waitrose.

I am very excited.

Pip pip!


* True story. Will elaborate if anyone is interested.


Nellig said...

Well thank goodness for THAT. And please elaborate re Brian Adams.


Better not 'peak too soon', dear Nellig - I have to hold SOMETHING back. Or maybe not. No, I will the Bryan story within 48 hours. And that's a PROMISE.

Charlyinc said...

This is the best post you have written all year.
Mind not much competition but so far out ahead of the field.


tea and cake said...

At last, something to cheer up my own boring life. Welcome back, monkey. I do hope you won't be working in this new venture?


CHARLOTTE isn't it just. We are quite rigid with joy. TEA AND CAKE dear heart, I will do all possible to keep cheer levels high. I WILL be working (in order to access absinthe and/or Hula-Hoops), but I am confident that my new employ (whatever it is) will be so splendid it will not feel like an ETERNAL TOIL OF ENDLESS MISERY

JonnyB said...

You moved to Canada?!?


Jonny, it is precisely this kind of 'razor sharp wit' that I have missed so much these last eight years!!!

Dr F said...



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