Monday, February 24, 2014

Today (extract from email)

"...had to wait for cab in dread coffee shop
no cash so had to pay for coffee with card
minimum 5 bucks
so bought a 'biscotti'
fucking biscotti looked like a lobster would look like if it was a biscuit
wasn't going to eat it was going to give it to someone tomorrow
but couldn't even wrap it up so massive and frondy with stuff on it
so said give it to someone else
taxi finally turns up
i get in taxi spill coffee all over it
get to airport
flight delayed."

1 comment:

Bytowner said...

Getting to an airport can be so very trying! while you have flown off, I will be in Montreal for a whole 24 hrs in freezing cold.
Question; look at new Cdn $5 bill. Which Downton Abbey downstairs character is depicted? Now check out the $10. Amusant non? It even works w the $20 if you stretch a bit.


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