Sunday, February 03, 2013


Things I hope will end this year: 

  1. People 'curating' things. Curators curate. You there with your antlers and your jars, you are just collecting stuff and arranging it. Desist.
  2. All this chitchat about 3D printing. Either we are all going to be printing out new puppies by 2015, or everyone will have forgotten about it (see "QI codes").  On the other hand I do confess to finding it strange and terrifying in a way I can't quite articulate. 
  3. The end of posters or cards or whatnot in letterpress saying inspirational things, e.g. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU DID SOMETHING FOR THE FIRST TIME?, or SNATCH AT THE TRUTH BEFORE IT KISSES YOU ON THE BUM-BUM*
  4. Wedding photographs with balloons in.
  5. Kimchee.
  6. Food as hipster hobby (see Brooklyn Flea Food Fair).
  7. That Laughing Cow TV ad (view it at your peril). The laaafing cow. The laaaaaffffing COW.
Things I hope will continue this year: 
  1. Making quilts. I do that now. All the time. If anyone is interested I will write more about it. All the time buying cutting sewing cutting sewing cutting sewing. Strange, like bolt from blue. Quilty bolt from blue. Perhaps that's what happens when you are 43, like what happens to your eyes when you are 42. (80% of people see a decline in vision at 42; 25% of women take up quilting at 43).  NB: I went to the sort of school where Home Economics was replaced by Ancient Greek (which left us woefully under-equipped for real life, but very well equipped for pub quizzes), so the fact I can even turn the sewing machine on is a miracle.
  2. Enjoying the job I have now. It is 2 minutes from home (this is not to be underestimated; it is life-changing shizzle) and all the people are super. It is not full of people in tight jeans and mysteriously ugly spectacles & grown-ups are in charge. And if my computer breaks I call someone in New York.
  3. Game of Thrones, Borgen 3, Fresh Meat.
  4. Looking at the cat licking her bum.
  5. BB cream. I use the Garnier one. It's really good and it's not expensive.
  6. Seattle. I visited it for the first time this year. I really liked it. Nice people, sprawly and interesting. Approved.
  7. Putting things in Pinterest, which I like a lot. Here are Vital Informations, here are Items of Simian Interest. So much faster than writing about it, and so much more interesting for you, adoring reader and/or fan. (If indeed you are even there anymore, for it is likely that you have stopped reading blogs so much because everyone is Curating and Tweeting and Pinning and watching BBC iPlayer instead of reading blogs these days.)

*only one of these is real


Bytowner said...

You have returned!! Agree with every one of the things that should end this year, in fact some should have ended several years ago for example inspirational posters.
Lack of home ec classes does not seem to be holding you back from the jam making and now quilting.

Fiona said...

I don't really have anything to say apart from I'm still reading blogs & very pleased to see a post in yours. Hurrah!

Tired Dad said...

Oh. Hello and what-not.


Hullo everyone ! I salute you.


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