Sunday, January 01, 2012

I make resolutions

Ring ring! Ring ring! What is that noise? Yes, it is the New Year being 'rung in'.  Here are my resolutions for 2012:

  1. Be on fewer conference calls at 10pm on Thursdays with mentals in China
  2. Have fewer conversations with people who freely - and without shame - use the expressions "deep dive", "ladder up"*, "reach out", "touch base" and "interlock"
  3. Take "have a sleep" off list of things I would really like to do and add something else more interesting, e.g. "vault upon a prinking unicorn and ride the Grand National"
  4. Join a gym (because I want to and like it, not because I must - although I must)
  5. Stare the expression "your knees and ankles are probably arthritic" directly in the face and then poke it in the eye with a sharpened pencil
  6. Go to Scandinavia and/or Portugal (but not Burlington, VT)
  7. Write more on my web-blog
  8. Finish course of laser hair removal and book more for middle-aged lady sprout on chin
  9. Be on fewer conference calls at 8am on Wednesdays with mentals in Singapore
  10. See various friends I have not seen for a while, including but not limited to: Louis, Sarah, Charly, Jeff T, Laura T and other marvels of humanity
  11. Win lottery. Do not need much, only c. $1.5m to allow self to stop working forever and loll about.
What is your Number One Resolution? I hope it will be "buy NWM lottery tickets and read her blog more". 

Pip "Happy New Year!" Pip


* It is still unclear to me whether it is in fact possible to deep dive if you have not already laddered up


InvisibleWoman said...

pilates is wonderful for achy, painful joints I find. And non sweaty and calming. I don't need to resolve to read your blog more as I await each post with baited breath. I do resolve to slap the 1st person to use 'interlock' in cold blod though. Happy New Year. Hope it has more unicorns than bores.

JJ said...

What exactly do you do that people are using "deep dive", "ladder up"*, "reach out", "touch base" and "interlock"? Those are all sex things, right?


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