Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I try to find a cleaning lady (or man)

I have just written the following email:  

"Our apt is like a dust bowl with 100 year old floorboards in which animals live. No joke. Husband put on shoes, went to work, was in car, thought O my shoe is a bit uncomfortable, took off his shoe, put it on the seat next to him and a mouse popped out. (He set it free.) Anyway I was looking for a cleaner and one of them used the attached picture to advertise her services. Basically if I hire her I get to wear a turban and get massaged by a cat. Massive WIN."

In other news, my series of Royal Looky-Likeys is going pretty well, even though I only have one. Here it is:

Cat in Melon Hat
HRH Queen Elizabeth II at the investiture of the Prince of Wales

Pip "That 11am start date isn't much use to the peoples of the Commonwealth on GMT -5!!" Pip



Alison Cross said...

I think the cat looks like Princess Margaret. All that's missing is the fag and the diamonds.

Good luck with cleaner search. You could always just get a cat? I know a nice one with a penchant for green melon headwear?

Ali xxxx

Megan said...

Hmmm. Apparently prior to being be-turbaned you have to be carefully run over with a steamroller - either that or the massagey thing is a bit more enthusiastic than normal. I'd be cautious.


Do you know what, ladies, I am genuinely surprised that this post did not receive over 10000 comments. I mean - a cat! In a turban!


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