Saturday, January 09, 2010

I urge you to send me a song

I am thinking of creating a sort of Nonworkingmonkey Playlist, made of the songs nominated (and submitted!) by you, my adoring readers. It is quite easy; you simply go here:

Send me your track

and upload your track. Then I'll share a link to the final playlist with you, and we can all dance along at the same time. (When you upload it, set it to 'public' if you can.)

In other news, time passes and still the veterinary research histopathologist has not summed up the courage to explain what happens when you apply green food colouring to whipped cream and stewed apple. He has however assured me that he will take strong drink and write it before the end of the weekend.

In the meantime, amuse yourself by sending me a song you think we all might like, bearing in mind that a clockwise twirl of my fez tassle means "in the playlist" and an anti-clockwise twitch will shout "NOT in the playlist". NB: Sting causes the entire fez (tassle and all) to levitate and spin, hurricane-like, in an anti-clockwise direction.

Pip pip!

Beatmaster MC NWM

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