Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have much to relate!

1. Recent visit to London;
2. Marmite products;
3. Review of stuffed coley/haddock;
4. Wedding Porn, Pt 2;
5. The miraculous power of eardrops;
6. The joy of the upgrade.

But not now, for I am 'jetlagged' and have knickers to wash.


tim (m) said...

You are such a tease.

Megan said...

1. did you buy many, many toast-racks for import?

2. multiple?? I thought there was Marmite and... well, Marmite.


4. *dum chicka-chicka DAH dum* [I am hampered when producing porn music as I have never watched any. Porn. First I was raised Far Too Religious and then when I shed the religious I was afraid it just wouldn't live up to the reputation. So now I just have friends recount their favorite plots. Works a charm]

5. spent quite a few minutes thinking you meant those sort of dangly earrings and imagining what sort of miracles they perform.

6. Don't talk to me about stinking upgrades. My stinking upgraded work computer has developed an allergy to Word AND our CMS AND our email program. I have to go nuzzle my macbook every couple hours just to get through the day.

Anonymous said...

I thought 5. said the miraculous power of pear drops.

Anonymous said...

are points 3,4,5,6 all linked in some way?

Mim said...

Stuffed haddock! It looks perfectly revolting.


Come to think of it, pear drops are much better.

No link, except they all happened to me. And yes, Mim, it was, although we still ate it.


No. I sleep on a bed of them.


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