Monday, March 19, 2007

Day 251: I Receive Some Happy News From The Colonies

Regular readers will be aware that I find myself (through circumstances too strange to relate) entangled with a French Canadian pathologist who cuts his own hair and claims to have appeared in (and won) four episodes of Jeopardy. (The French Canadian version; he didn't manage to qualify for the US version, despite auditioning in L.A. in a special tie.)

He is also a very talented Veterinarinianary Scientist Doctor! And it is for this reason, and this reason alone, that he was able to save the life of a squirrel only recently salvaged from the hold of an Air Canada Jumbo Jet, crushed in transit by tumbling snowshoes. Recent photographic evidence suggests that the squirrel is making excellent progress; as you can see, he is still holding on firmly to his nut; his tail is upstanding; his eyes beady and bright.

I am the luckiest girl in all the world!


Birchsprite said...

thank goodness for that... although I think it might have been better if the sqiggle had been in the cabin rather than in the nasty scary hold!

Mr Farty said...

Er, Quelle est le nom de la gameshow ou un homme dites le answer et vous have to providez le questionne? Et can vous believe j'ai passé mon A-level Francais?

He's a cute little feller, isn't he? And the skwerl's adorable too.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure I like where that syringe is headed

and if I am very not mistaken is the pathologiste known as Docteur LOVE?

I used to have a glaswegian Dr called Dr Love, incidentament.

Ms Baroque said...

I thought you derided small animals. Except monkeys of course. All I can suggest you send me would be le docteur de love, as he seems very good at Fixing Up. But sadly I suspect what I really need is Ainsley Harriott & his low-fat platitudes (not platipusses!) (what is that plural...). And more pictures of lovely coffee please. One day soon I may venture down to the coffee shop and look at some in the flesh.

Glad the little nutty chap is doing so very well!

Anonymous said...

Was it a beaver tie?

Anonymous said...

Better hang on to that fella-he sounds like a Canadian McGyver.

vapidly vibrant said...

Yes, hullo! Just here to remark that French Canadians are the bee's knees (or les genoux de l'abeille). Especially when they're not complete lazy wankers.
Good on you to get such a talented one! :) Here! Here! (Budweiser? or does he prefer *vomits* Molson?)

Anonymous said...

oh thank god!!! i was so worried about poor Squirrel when i heard! is Squirrel able to eat solid food yet??? i hope it makes a swift recovery!

Rachel xxx

Anonymous said...

i have a really frightening picture of a giant squirrel brought low by a whole platoon of army men. would you like me to send it to you?


Martina - what is this of which you speak?

Minty - your eyes are telling you accurate things.

London Girl (poor you, awful isn't it) - exclamation marks are banned from comments on this blog, unless used ironically (mostly by me)

VV - I didn't 'get one'! What quaint language!

Rivergirl - yeah, go on.

Confused - probably not, although who can tell?

Ms B - dear me, I will see what I can do.

vapidly vibrant said...

Oh, apologies, me language is that of the other more dubious French Canadian kind (t'is my excuse, and am sticking with it, nail & tooth!)
But i do cut my own hair as well... Does that redeem me in any way?


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