Thursday, March 15, 2007

Day 248: I Demand That You Buy This Book

You really should buy this book. In it there are one hundred posts from one hundred bloggers collected, edited, collated and made into a book in ONLY SEVEN DAYS by the simply extraordinary (and quite attractive, despite being on a different bus to me) Mike Atkinson.

Reasons you should buy it:

1. I am in it, as are 99 other people
2. It has an attractive front cover drawn by Lucy Pepper
3. It is funny
4. It contains swearing
5. It is for charity.*

As my 'sales pitch' has been so convincing, I am sure you will need very little encouragement to click here and buy it in bulk.

Pip pip!

* Despite the fact that charities are usually good, they embarrass me a bit. The charity that will benefit from Shaggy Blog Stories is Comic Relief, the third most embarrassing charity in Britain (in at No. 1: Band Aid. No. 2: Royal Variety Club).

Foreign readers may be interested to know that Red Nose Day (which is today) is a day of fundraising for Comic Relief. On Red Nose Day, unfunny people (e.g. politicians) try and be funny (the word "skit" is usually used, and a comedy song performed), and funny people (e.g. professional comedians) try and be sincere (usually by squinting and not wearing make-up in Africa). All of this colludes to make me feel very hot and slightly sick.

However, the money does good things, I am neither Stephen Fry nor Claire Short, and I am on the whole a self-obsessed twat. So I've bought five copies and think you should do the same. (Failing that, go here and give them some money. Don't be put off by Lenny Henry. He means well.)


Timbo said...

Bravo Monkey! The girl done good.

And I'm sorry, but I've already been put off by the Lenny. He's very distracting.

tea and cake said...

Yah, you're a big softie, really, arnt chuh?

Congrats for getting in, but there was no doubt you would.

*mine's already bought*

Anonymous said...

Huzzah. Ordered mine in the wee small hours. I wanted to make sure I get one of the first 100. I would have been looking for a first edition but I understand your publisher opted for the order one/print one model. Practical but unromantic.


Hoorah! Buy ten copies! Everyone! Immediately!

Mr Farty said...

Well done that monkey!

Ok, ok, I'm going to buy it RIGHT NOW!

Ms Baroque said...

I wanted to be in this book but alas, the day I read about the enterprise I also fell mysteriously ill (well - it was mysterious at the time), and have been in hospital the whole week, turning yellow and being pumped full of antibiotics and other things. This is TRUE, and not funny!

The book looks lovely and I will buy it.

Anonymous said...

I am very proud of the swearing.

But I only bought one, because I am poor. Ish.


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