Wednesday, October 18, 2006

SPECIAL DAY 100 CELEBRATION EDITION: I Reveal The Most Special Monkey Of Them All

When I was baby and a tiny child, we lived in a big house in Kensington. Not the whole house, mind; just the bottom floor of it, but that meant we had the garden. I seem to remember spending most of my time on the compost heap looking at worms, and one night the cover of the gas meter fell on my head; otherwise, I don't remember much about it. Anyway, because it was a road of big houses in Kensington, some interesting people lived in our street.

In the house across the road lived Cynthia Lennon and her son, Julian Lennon. You know. John Lennon's son. Monkeymother tells me that when I was very little, about 3 or 4, and he was about 8, he used to come and play with me. Apparently he was very kind to me, and a very sweet child. And one year, he gave me this monkey. The monkey that his father had given him. So, to celebrate this 100th day of not-working, I would like to share Monkey with you all; a Monkey that came to me from John Lennon via Julian Lennon. In this photograph, he is wearing his hat.

Here he is relaxing next to a bowl of Autumnal apples and pears. In this photograph, his hat is OFF, but still attached via a piece of red string. I am sure you will agree he has lovely legs. I think I used to chew his tail, but I was a Very Tiny Child so can be forgiven, I think.

Here he is from the back. You may be able to see his red bottom. More importantly, you will be able to see the word LOVE stitched clearly on his head.

He is a bit motheaten now and needs to go to the Toy Hospital for a bit, but I love him very much. I often think that I will write to Julian Lennon, who may miss his monkey; I sometimes think he should be returned to his rightful owner. But only once he's mended.


Lucy P said...

what a wonderful treasure, what provenance! happy hundredthblogth day.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this photo (scroll down just a bit)? Julian OBVIOUSLY misses his monkey.

Z said...

I'm sure Julian Lennon would like to know his monkey has been so much loved all these years, but I can't think he'd want to deprive you. Even if he really looks as if he needs a monkey to love.

Happy 100th Day. And many happy returns.

Anonymous said...

Happy 100dedth !!!
The monkey is wondrous, and full of surprises. Are you sure he hasn't other secret stitchings elsewhere ? Perhaps one that says "die Yoko die !" ?


Thank you for your kind wishes. Sean Lennon was on the Sharon Osbourne Show (remember, I don't work) last week and was very funny, but his song was truly dreadful.

J-boy, no - but if you squeeze him hard, he sqeaks it.

apprentice said...

Yes congrats on your 100th day of liberty, you're right up there with most inmates in our open prisons :)

As L says what a provenance, but being a guru of Antiques Roadshow, I just like watching people salivate, I think you need a photo of you and monkey and Julian to really get the toy experts wetting their knickers.

I had a Steiff teddy bear, given to me by a German sea captain when I was born. Had him for 40 years, he had tweed patches sewn my Mum had sewn on to his peeling paws -then my Jack Russel mut managed to get hold of poor old Johnathon bear and Gus ate his face off! :(

Juliness said...

Fabulous story and darling monkey.

Z said...

Ooh, we're auctioning a piece of china next week that was on Antiques Roadshow about 10 years ago. I've got the video somewhere. Along with 237 other videos of things I recorded over the years, and mostly never watched.

Unknown said...

sell it, woman! for pity's sake SELL IT! you could make a fortune!


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