Friday, March 20, 2020

Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Anneka Rice

These are strange times, my friends. Strange times. I hope you are all OK. I have no work to do now, but I still like the people who give me work when there is work to do, so I am writing the odd email to try and cheer them all up. Here is the first one.

Things to make and do:

Inspiration from Queen Margrethe of Denmark, who is turning out a fine line in Dachshund masks from the palace (and who also, incidentally, illustrated some early editions of The Lord of the Rings under a pseudonym, is known as ‘Daisy’ and is also a part-time theatrical costume designer and seamstress – what a legend). 

One ALLEGEDLY for small people, but I will be doing it later today:  Draw Along With Rob Biddulph, who is a children’s book illustrator.  

A thing to listen to:

Fortunately Podcast with Fi Glover and Jane Garvey. Start with Anneka Rice if you don’t already listen to it (you will love her by the end of it). 

A helpful thing for strange times:

The A.B.C. of our basic psychological needs: try and do a little bit of each one every day to help through the weirdness (adapted from something shared by one of my marvellous lecturers at Birkbeck).

  • A = Autonomy. Seems REALLY counter-intuitive but we have control over our time even if self-isolating: make a plan, decide what/how much media to consume, what time lunch is etc.
  • B = Belongingness. Social connections and community – get in touch with people, especially those who need help and support. Emotional support, practical support, whatever. Call a neighbour. Meet friends for a drink on Facetime. That sort of thing.
  • C = Competence. Try and develop a skill or learn something new; work on a hobby, do something you’ve been putting off for ages, finish a book … the sense of accomplishment (however small) helps with self-worth, which makes you feel GOOD and less stuck. (Also all these things together can help with anxiety if you are feeling that a bit.)  I will be trying my hand at making cheese.  This is not a joke.

Pip pip friends, pip pip. Stay safe. 


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