Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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It is Wednesday, and I am now less than two (2) weeks away from moving back to Blighty, land of my fathers (and mothers, a.k.a. Monkeymother).  

Horse News

I still have "fuck I'm leaving in 9 days" clearing up to do (which mainly involves looking at old photographs and saying WHO IS THAT IN MY BED? I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO THAT IS! - out loud, to my husband), but as we all know, there is always time to find amusing things on the internet.  For example, this video of a horse playing "Three Blind Mice" "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the recorder is pretty good: 

But it is definitely not as good as a comment that came with it:

Well, precisely.

Talking of horses, my husband - a veterinary research pathologist, since you ask - will be working with horses (and cats and dogs - this is not a joke) in his new job in the Yew-Kay.  I have offered to go in at the weekend and 'help them muck out and look after all of the horses', which means trying to cuddle foals and spending 3 hours trying to catch a cross Highland pony, which as far as I can remember is how I spent pretty much every summer, 1978-1982. Here is one of the few times I managed it:

When I wasn't dressed up as a carrot on the back of a donkey, that is:

News from China 

Excitingly, this gentleman asked to "connect" with me on LinkedIn today. I am not sure why, because I do "marketing communications" (whatever that is), and he chiefly executes, officiates over AND directs iron and steel. But still, doesn't he look cheerful?

So cheerful, in fact, that - struck by his grandfatherly smile - I looked him up on the internet and discovered that:

He served as the Communist Party Secretary of Taiyuan between 2010 and 2014. He was abruptly removed from office by the Communist Party's top disciplinary body in August 2014, suspected of corruption...The investigation concluded that Chen "accepted bribes personally and through his family, used his political position to obtain illicit gain for the activities of his friends and family and for the promotion of officials, abused his power, and caused major loss of state assets."

Lordy! Any ideas what he could want?

Fat Cat News

I was looking at this picture again today. I wish people would say this about me and really mean it. As in, "a bit fat" is only a BIT fat, and enough of a negative counterbalance to the magnificent "lovely and very talented" to also make you approachable. Here is the best of kittens:

 Unfortunately I don't think this is the case, but a monkey can dream (while scratching monkey belly and spooning Hula-Hoops into mouth).

Pip "Pass the crisps!" Pip


P.S. Talking of Monkeymother, should we tempt her out of retirement?  I fear that if we do not she may succumb to the demon drink.


monkeymother said...

You are obviously over-tired. That's Twinkle, Twinkle, although I suspect he wants to play Get that Fucking Thing out of my Nose.

Indigo said...

Visiting your blog for the first time tonight for ages. Welcome back to Blighty. All the best.

Indigo said...

Was thinking about the things in London that have changed since you went to Canada ... fewer bank branches and near wipe-out of sub post-offices and arrival and proliferation of food banks (even the Red Cross run them, I gather) and air pollution now exceeds EU safety limits every day ...

Unknown said...

Are you going to do an England vs Canada comparing the francophones to the Welsh?

Unknown said...

Oh wait, that may not count as something you'll miss about Canada. Do the Welsh threaten referendums as often as the Scots?

Robert Mathers said...

i think you might be interested in reading one article, its about equal relationships in marriage!


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